Top 3 Soccer Games for Console

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of people following a myriad of clubs every day. So it is not unusual that there is also an enormous amount of soccer games for consoles. And if you own a console and are wondering what are the top 3 soccer games for console, you’re in luck – here they are in no specific order!


The FIFA series has always been one of the most popular soccer series in the game world –and for a good reason. Every year the interface is improved and players are awed with better controls and more lifelike games. In the game, you have various modes you can play, and various difficulties. What is great about FIFA is that there are realistic players and clubs in the game, so you can really choose your favourite teams and pit them against one another or you can choose your top team and lead them to victory – the choice is yours!


If you like soccer games, but aren’t a fan of FIFA, chances are that you’re a fan of PES – Pro Evolution Soccer! While these games are really similar, they are also completely different in some aspects. PES is a bit tougher to play – it features various difficulty levels like beginner, amateur, semi-pro, pro, world-class and legendary. The legendary difficulty will make it almost impossible to score goals but if you’re a player that prefers a challenge, this is the right game for you!

Football Manager

If you would like to play soccer as a player, but would also like to manage a team, this is the right game for you! While it might seem boring to some, managing a soccer team is really a lot of fun – and Football Manager 2016 is the best soccer team managing game out there. In this game, you can pick a team from any of 50 countries and make decisions concerning player selection, deal with media and make tough decisions concerning tactics, substitution and instructions. If you want to play matches you can, but if not, you can simply sit back and watch your matches live!