The Sims 4: An Intro

If you’re a fan of the SIMS series, you will probably already know about THE SIMS 4, an awesome addition to the SIMS family! Much like the games that came before it, THE SIMS 4 also deals with accurately simulating human life. In the game, players can create various individual people, even entire families, and manage every aspect of their lives. From hygiene and happiness, to jobs and social lives, THE SIMS 4 gives you total control of your sims! In the game, the player can completely determine specific activities every minute of every day, and plan their characters’ future.

In THE SIMS 4 you can determine and fulfil both short term and long term goals of your characters – from going on dates and exercising to getting marries and getting a promotion. This new edition of the games allows for multitasking, and it makes it a bit more challenging, but also more exciting. For example, now your character can eat while socializing or play a game while going to the toilet. This means you can make your character accomplish more while doing less. What’s also new is that you can now share your custom-made characters and houses with other players, or you can choose another player’s characters to play with. This is a welcome addition to the game because it allows players to easily experiment with different types of characters without much effort.

THE SIMS 4 also brings improved presentation and a more streamlined interface. On the other hand, unlike previous games, as of yet, there is no possibility of some features that existed in previous games in THE SIMS 4. For example, you cannot build a basement or pool in your house. But, there are many other features that appear in this new edition that do not exist in previous versions. There is a whole array of interesting content, and other things will be coming in the form of expansion packs.

All in all, THE SIMS 4 remain an accurate representation of real life, so if you want to sit at your computer and live a whole life, THE SIMS 4 is the right choice!