New selling platforms to watch

Internet is a great place for people who want to buy or sell, regardless of what they’re buying or selling. Although eBay and Amazon have been at the top of the list for quite some time, there are plenty of new platforms that can be used for such purposes. To make it at least a bit easier for you, we’ve made a list of some of the platforms that are rapidly expanding.

  1. eBid

If you’re into auctions, you’ll be glad to hear there’s a platform designed specifically for people such as yourself. Sure, eBay has had the option for quite some time, but it was never their priority. If you want to browse through countless items that are all on auction, head to eBid. The prices there will surprise you – in a good way!

  1. Folksy

Like Etsy? It’s a really great site, but relatively new and with lower fees. That means that you can go there to browse through handcrafted items, but you won’t have to pay as much for them. And even if you’re a seller, you’ll have a better chance of getting some new customers!

  1. Gumtree

Selling or buying a service? There are plenty of new options for you in terms of platforms, and Gumtree is one of the best. Although it’s a relatively new business venture, it manages to attract 8 million visitors each month, which means you won’t have trouble finding what you’re looking for!

  1. iStock

Wondering if there’s a platform you could use to sell or buy photos? iStock is a place where many terrific photographers gather to offer their services. To make it even better, there’s no membership fee. Also, if you want to sell your photos, you’ll be glad to hear the site gives you 15 to 45% of all your earnings!

  1. Rentuu

What about renting platforms? If you don’t want to buy something, but would still like to use it, head to the rent platform Rentuu. This site allows you to choose between countless items, devices and appliances. One of the best things about it is that it gives you the option of having your stuff delivered to your front door!