What Is the Best Linux Distro

These days, Linux doesn’t have to be a headache. If you’re new to the interface, or an experienced user, you might be wondering what the best Linux distro is. In the early days of Linux, selection a distro was a breeze – there were fewer distros available, so people just went with the one they heard about. But these days, the sheer number of distros available can be overwhelming. That is why we have decided to bring you a short list of the best Linux distros available and help you make this difficult choice!

Elementary OS

If you are looking for class and style, this distro is the perfect choice! It has a style similar to a macOS. The latest version of it is named Loki, and it features an application installer called AppCenter, which makes it really simple to install apps. It also comes with the Epiphany browser and a few basic apps. Although you will probably need to add some things, it is worth it if you want real elegance.

Linux Mint

This is a great distro if you’re a new Linux user. It comes with a bunch of software with will make it easy to switch from a Mac or Windows. You can also play all types of files out of the box. Cinnamon is currently the most popular starter flavor- it offers many customization options!

Arch Linux

If you’re an experienced user and are fine with a distro that isn’t that user friendly, Arch could be the perfect choice. It allows you to customize many things, and it is very popular with developers and people with computers that are a bit older. If you don’t want unnecessary packages taking up space, this is a great choice.


On the other hand, if you’re a complete beginner, try the Ubuntu distro! It is extremely accessible and provides great choices when it vomes to desktop environments. If you don’t want excessive strain on your system resources, you can use Lubuntu, which is based on LXDE and some fast and lightweight apps, which use a lot less resources than Unity.