Best apps to trade on the market

Every day in the international stock markets millions of shares have been traded: even one minute can make the difference between a high gain and a substantial loss, speed is a key factor in stock market investing.

There are more and more small savers seeking to round up their salary with small and targeted investments in the share market.

Since the explosion of the crisis, trading has become one of the main topics of the news broadcasts, clearing up a sector that until then was reserved only to professionals. More and more people are getting informed and trying to understand the secrets and tricks to earn on the stock market.

The spread of smartphones has also allowed ordinary citizens to check stock quotes live, to know in real time the performance of Wall Street, to get information about specific events such as IPOs (recently the Pirelli IPO has been much talked about) and to try to predict which stocks to invest in the stock market.

Here are the best trading apps to try and earn on the stock market.


The name is definitely fascinating and it is back to the popular English hero who steals the rich to give the poor: but the Robinhood application does not do any “black” action, it only helps users to better understand how to invest their money on stock markets. Available for both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store App Store, the application allows you to take a few easy steps to make micro trading directly from your smartphone.


Stocktwist (available for Android and iOS users) is an application to better manage your stock market and discover new global trends, such as the already cited IPOs (we had information on the Pirelli IPO 2017, on the Snapchat IPO and so on). Thanks to the flow of messages from community users everyone can stay informed about the latest news coming directly from the stock markets.


For small savers, Acorns allows to invest small amounts of money to in ETF investment funds. The app works really smoothly: after downloading it from the App Store you have to connect Acorns with your credit card. When you buy something with your ATM, the app will automatically spin your spending and invest a few pounds of money in an investment fund. The application is free and does not include any management costs.